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Please call us immediately if you ever receive a request for personal information that claims to be from us or that concerns you in any way.

Branch New Albany Belden Barnes Crossing Oxford Insurance & Investments
Phone: 662-534-8171 662-842-8005 662-842-4618 662-234-9991 662-538-7388

Report potential Fraud or a Lost or Stolen Card after Business Hours


Please have your account number and PIN available when calling.

To report potential fraud on a BNA Bank Debit MasterCard or as lost or stolen after normal business hours,
please call 800-472-3272


To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card dial (800) 325-3678 24 Hours a day/ 365 days a Year

Notifications of BNA Bank Stock for Sale 

If you are interested in either purchasing or selling BNA Bancshares stock you may want us to include you on our email list. If you sign up by giving us your email address you will receive notifications of any stock that becomes available for sale or you may post your own shares for sale if you choose. This serves only as an “electronic bulletin board” and in no way is a solicitation of any sort.



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For your protection and to prevent fraud, BNA Bank advises against sending sensitive or personally identifiable information via e-mail or any other electronic communications. Do not send your social security number, account number or any other personal information.

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