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Please call us immediately if you ever receive a request for personal information that claims to be from us or that concerns you in any way.


New Albany


Barnes Crossing/


(662) 534-8171 (662) 842-8005 (662) 842-4618

Report a Lost or Stolen Card after Business Hours

To report a BNA Bank Debit MasterCard as lost, stolen or with potential fraud after normal business hours, please call (800)383-8000. Please have your account number and PIN available when calling.

To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card dial (800) 325-3678 24 Hours a day/ 365 days a Year

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For your protection and to prevent fraud, BNA Bank advises against sending sensitive or personally identifiable information via e-mail or any other electronic communications. Do not send your social security number, account number or any other personal information.


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