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General Security Tips


  • BNA Bank will NEVER ask for your password, account numbers or social security number in an unsolicited email or phone call. We already know your account numbers and your password is secret, even to us.
  • BNA Bank will not initiate an email pertaining to your accounts with us or containing any other sensitive information.
  • Please call us if you ever receive a request for personal information that claims to be from us or that concerns you in any way.
  • To request your free annual credit report, please visit

General Security Tips

Helpful Numbers:

  • FTC's ID Theft Consumer Response Center (877) IDTHEFT.
  • Trans Union (800) 680-7289
  • Experian (888) 397-3742
  • Equifax (800) 525-6285.

Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Identity

Up to 500,000 individuals are victims each year of identity theft, a fast-growing form of fraud.

Fortunately, a few simple steps can help ensure you stay out of these statistics.

"Identity theft" or "account takeover fraud" involves criminals stealing a personís personal information. The crooks assume a personís identity, apply for credit in his or her name, run up huge bills, stiff creditors and generally wreck the victimís credit record. At BNA Bank, we put a combination of safeguards in place to protect customers, including employee training, rigorous security standards, data encryption and fraud detection. You can take these steps to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Donít give your Social Security or account numbers to anyone over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • Tear up receipts, old bank statements and unused credit card offers before throwing them away. Crooks could steal information from your trash and use it to get credit in your name.
  • Review your bank and credit card statements as soon as you receive them to check for unauthorized transactions.
  • Protect your PINs and computer passwords; use a combination of letters and numbers and change them often. Never carry this information with you!
  • Order copies of your credit report once a year to ensure accuracy. Call any of the three national credit reporting agencies: Trans Union (800) 680-7289, Experian (888) 397-3742 and Equifax (800) 525-6285.
  • Report any suspected fraud to your bank and credit card issuers immediately so they can start to close accounts and clear your name right away. You may also contact the FTC's ID Theft Consumer Response Center toll-free at (877) IDTHEFT.

By law you are only liable for the first $50 of unauthorized charges against a credit card account. Still, restoring your identity can be a tremendous inconvenience. It's worth your while to exercise a little preventive maintenance. Protect yourself against this terrible crime. For more personal finance tips, visit our Web site at or visit the American Bankers Association's Consumer Connection at