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ICBA Offers Consumers Mobile Banking Safety Tips

Washington, D.C. (Oct. 16, 2012)—As mobile banking grows in popularity as a consumer banking service, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) is offering consumers advice on how to safely use mobile banking so they can be protected while managing their finances.

“Mobile banking, one of the industry’s fastest growing trends, gives our customers flexibility and the chance to manage their finances anytime, anywhere,” said Jeff Gerhart, chairman of ICBA and of Bank of Newman Grove, Neb. “To stay ahead of the demand, community banks are investing millions to secure their banking channels, but consumers need to make informed decisions, while avoiding the scams and schemes that are growing up around this new technology.”

ICBA offers these tips for consumers on the safe use of mobile banking:

  1. Invest in an antivirus application for your mobile device to help protect you when downloading apps or mobile content.  
  2. Never provide personal identification or banking information over your mobile device unless you initiate the contact and you know that you’re dealing directly with your bank.
  3. Never share your password, account number, PIN and answers to secret questions. Don't save this information anywhere on your phone.
  4. Never set the app, web or client-text service to automatically log you in to your bank account. If your phone is lost or stolen, someone will have free access to your money.
  5. Set the phone to require a password to power on the handset or awake it from sleep mode.
  6. Remember, your bank would never contact or text message you asking for personal or banking information. Assume any unsolicited text request is fraudulent. Giving this information places your finances and privacy at risk.
  7. Immediately tell your mobile operator and your bank if you lose your phone.

“Whether they choose mobile, online or in-person banking, our members want to help their customers manage their money safely and wisely,” Gerhart said.  “If community bank customers have any questions, they should contact their community banker who can guide them through the mobile banking process for added insight and confidence.”

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